Year: 2013

To MBA or Not to MBA? That is the Question

The internet (and newspapers) are flooded right now with articles about making New Year’s resolutions. Some are about money, others focus on continued educations and a ton are about dropping those last 10 pounds that have been hanging around for

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Merry Christmas, From Broke Millennial

Merry Christmas Loyal (and New) Readers – I’m fortunate enough to be spending this beautiful holiday with my family. Every Christmas morning my parents would go down the stairs first to see if my little sister and I had made

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Charitable Giving on a Tight Budget

‘Tis the season to give to those in need — but what can you do when your bank account barely has enough to cover your own bills? Fortunately for the indebted and underemployed, charitable giving doesn’t have to mean handing

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Frugal Find Friday: Broadway Rush Tickets

“There’s no business like show business.” False. There is no business like trying to save yourself a pretty penny. (Look at that, two cliches in two sentences). If you follow me on Twitter, or read my post last week, you

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Sales Lessons from the Streets

Long time readers may know that I spent much of my childhood living in Asia. Previous posts have discussed the privileged upbringing I was able to experience and the myriad of opportunities being an expat afforded me (including getting used

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Frugal Find Friday: The Art of Borrowing

We all have “that friend.” The one who consistently forgets his wallet when you go out to eat or always promises to get the next round of drinks or never wants to drive and then doesn’t chip in for gas.

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Your Credit Score: After College, It’s the One Grade That Matters Most

After the last exams are completed and final papers are handed in, college seniors breathe a sigh of relief, thinking their futures will no longer be dictated by grades and numbers. But they’re wrong. Walking the stage at graduation and

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Loosening My Purse Strings

Plenty of home videos circa 1994 (and many other years) reveal a young Erin dancing around the living room. But one particular video shows me in a white dress playing pretend with a doll. No, I wasn’t dreaming about a

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Frugal Find Friday: Don’t Grocery Shop Hungry

The grocery store and I have what could only be described as a tumultuous relationship. Every Sunday I brace myself for the battle of my bank account vs. the aisles of food. Step one: plan meals for the week. Step

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Bitcoin 101

Tonight I fell down a rabbit hole in an attempt to understand the newest currency sweeping the land: Bitcoin. Earlier today my best friend sent me a link to a Yahoo story boldly proclaiming “A College Kid Made More Than

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