Month: August 2013

Frugal Find Friday: Staying In Shape

In the past 24 years, I’ve been incredibly blessed with good health. No major illness and my trips to the hospital were only for sports-related injuries which healed quickly. Plus, I got the badge of honor of being on crutches,

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5 Eye Roll Inducing Statements About Money

Looking for entertainment? Try riding a New York City subway. No, not because mariachi bands, break dancers, barbershop quartets and accordion players subject us to their “talents.” The subway provides ample opportunity to eavesdrop on people’s conversations. Luckily for me,

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Frugal Find Friday: Earmark

Several times a week, I’ll overhear someone lamenting money. Usually this happens while said person is handling over $6 for a coffee or anteing up with a bartender at the end of the night. I’ll give a tight smile and

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Losing My Entitlement

Two months ago, TIME published the Millennial-focused article and cover heard round the world. Well, maybe not so much round the world as all over social media and the blogosphere. My peers’ biggest issue with the story, or the two

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Frugal Find Friday: Leftovers

In the past year, I’ve developed a certain reputation in my office. My name is Erin (what?! You didn’t know?!) and I am a scavenger. Oh, and I also will handle annihilating cockroaches. It’s not the classiest reputation to have,

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Starting a Love Affair with Saving Money

Many great love affairs require compatible partners, betrayals, forgiveness, open-communication and of course primal urges. When we recount the epic love affairs throughout history people always name drop Romeo & Juliet, Cleopatra & Mark Antony, Elizabeth Bennett & Mr. Darcy,

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Frugal Find Friday: Live A Little

Happy Friday Broke Millennial readers! Usually, I have some awesome money-saving tip for you on Fridays, but some days ladies and gents you just gotta live a little! For all my chatter about frugality, saving and scrimping there are times

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The Power of Partying (I mean Networking)

In February of 2011 the decision to go to a party changed the course of my life. I’m serious. I can point to the moment I started the path towards not only my first, but second job out of college

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Frugal Find Friday: Swagbucks

If you caught last week’s Frugal Find you have a good grasp on how passionately I feel about Amazon Prime and all of it’s free two-day shipping, TV show streaming, ebooks library glory. So you probably could sense the extreme

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