Frugal Find Friday: Live A Little

Happy Friday Broke Millennial readers! Usually, I have some awesome money-saving tip for you on Fridays, but some days ladies and gents you just gotta live a little! For all my chatter about frugality, saving and scrimping there are times you need to just go out, have fun and splurge. This weekend I am off to visit my best friends from college (minus one very special one). I fully intend to eat out, buy some rounds of drinks and not panic about my budget (okay, perhaps I’ve been financially preparing for this…). So the frugal find is to prepare for your splurges! There, you came for a tip and I have provided one. Now go and have a great weekend!


(This is fully how I expect things be on Sunday morning.)

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20 comments on “Frugal Find Friday: Live A Little
  1. Oh my goodness, Erin. I remember those days well, only it seems to me that The Community House, as we called it, had the addition of fast food bags and pizza boxes littered everywhere on Sunday mornings. 🙂 Have a wonderful time with your friends. “See” ya next week!

    • #BrokeMillennial says:

      Thanks, Laurie! I love that my friend fell asleep with a bowl of queso on his knee. It could have ended very poorly for the couch.

  2. Excellent tip! Whenever I’ve got a trip or fun weekend planned, I save, and save a LOT to make sure I have plenty of cash to have a good time.

    • #BrokeMillennial says:

      We ended up going to the Erie County Fair, so I was relieved to have a decent amount of cash in my pocket for deep fried Oreos and carnival games!

  3. Couldn’t agree more…once in a while it great to just let down, splurge and “live more”, have those weekends of “unbridled debauchery”
    Have an awesomely fun time with your friends!

  4. Michelle says:

    Have a great weekend! You deserve it 🙂

  5. Debt RoundUp says:

    Sometimes you have to live life. There is nothing wrong with that. If you don’t, you will most likely go insane!

  6. Once a while it is Ok to splurge but other times you need to control. Have fun and enjoy, you need a break. This month i am determined to control and follow the budget but yeah there is once in a while, may be next month for me. Have a great weekend

    • #BrokeMillennial says:

      You’re right, Rita. It’s best to make the splurge moments infrequent. It’s easy to tell yourself it’s okay to splurge, but as long as you don’t do that each week.

  7. Have a great time! I had one of these weekends last weekend with my friend’s bach party. His wedding is tonight, too!

  8. Tara Zee says:

    Love the pic ;). Have a great weekend!

  9. I love preparing to splurge! It takes all the guilt away because I know my budget is balanced.

    • #BrokeMillennial says:

      It really does. I love being able to spend some money without calculating each little cent I was spending.

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