Month: October 2013

Using Halloween to Teach about Taxes (aka Candy Tax)

A modified version of the post Candy Tax and other Childhood Grudges My shove into the world of taxation didn’t come during my sophomore year of college when I worked my first legit job. The first memory I have of

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Fear of Finance: 5 Tips to Make Dealing With Money Less Scary

You start typing in the log-in information to check your bank account and an eerie chill sweeps through the room. Is it the ghost of spending past? The spirit of overdraft-fees future? Your pulse quickens, the hairs on the back

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Frugal Find Friday: Avoid Late Fees

As I hustled out of work Wednesday evening, an hour later than usual, I stepped onto the streets of New York and was greeted by a chilly mist. All I wanted to do was scurry to the subway, get home

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The Importance of Asking for the Order

Over the past nine months, I’ve frequently mentioned how my father raised me to be financially literate. While I credit many of my finance lessons to him, my mother is the one who taught me the fine art of networking

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Young and Employed, but Still Short of Money? You Need a Side Hustle

Being a 20-something in today’s economy means getting used to people assuming that you’re probably a debt-ridden parasite, still suckling at the teat of parental welfare. And why not? As our student loans, rent checks, grocery bills and bar tabs

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Frugal Find Friday: Smile

As a young girl, I frequently bopped around our house to various oldies. Well, not really oldies, but they were oldies to me. When I wasn’t rocking out to “Uptown Girl” or “Lights” I would dance and sing “You’re Never

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How Do You Combat a Cold for Cheap?

Yesterday, while sitting at my office desk, I suddenly had a premonition: a cold was coming. A dull ache had started creeping into my neck and my nose was tickling. I started eying people around my office, looking for signs

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6 Ways I Embrace My Desire to Splurge

In the world of fiscally responsible personal finance bloggers, we tend to promote the merits of penny pinching and importance of making sure every purchase is money well spent. While I’ve never claimed to be a fan of minimalism, I

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Frugal Find Friday: Couch to 5K app

Over the past few weeks I’ve started to hear rumblings of a genius new way to get in shape, shed the extra pounds and just feel healthier. It isn’t CrossFit. It isn’t juicing. It isn’t the Paleo diet. Brace yourself

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Health Insurance: My Biggest Waste of Money

First of all, calm down. Before you immediately scroll down to the comment section to berate me, let me “speak.” I know you’ve come to regard me as a bit of a financial goddess who is just so wise in

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