Young and Employed, but Still Short of Money? You Need a Side Hustle

IMG_3117Being a 20-something in today’s economy means getting used to people assuming that you’re probably a debt-ridden parasite, still suckling at the teat of parental welfare. And why not? As our student loans, rent checks, grocery bills and bar tabs pile up throughout the month, it’s no surprise we Millennials yearn to bury our heads in our parents’ protective financial bosoms.

But we don’t have to play into the stereotype. Members of Generation Me can — and often do — attack our money problems by embracing the new version of a classic moneymaker: the side hustle.

Like a small business, only smaller, a side hustle is any (legal) way you can capitalize on your individual talents to generate extra income. Former journalism majors take up freelance writing jobs. Graphic designers create website logos for bloggers. Performing arts grads babysit. And anyone who has learned their discipline well enough to teach it can try tutoring.

There’s money to be made from the skills you spent all those years honing: But how exactly do you secure your side hustle? Let’s review:

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5 comments on “Young and Employed, but Still Short of Money? You Need a Side Hustle
  1. I was going to comment on the Daily Finance page, but really didn’t want to create an account. Great post, though! I was unemployed 6 months out of college and have been underemployed for the last 4, so that’s why I started my blog. There were a bunch of extra tips I hadn’t thought about, so thank you! 🙂
    Ben @ The Wealth Gospel recently posted…Finance Lessons from a DogMy Profile

  2. EJ says:

    Hi there really liked reading this and definitely resonates with me! I am a SAHM and my partner works but we still needed to make more money for getting rid of debt faster and to have some play money. I started blogging, selling on consignment and picking up freebies and re-listing them online. It’s worked out pretty well! I have shared a couple of posts I have written on the subject of working out what your side hustle is ( i hope its ok to post links here, if not sorry!) and one hundred ways to make money

  3. Brent says:

    Great post over at Daily Finance. I couldn’t agree more that everyone, regardless or age or income, should have a side hustle or two. Especially if you can make it something you really enjoy doing. Who knows? One day it might become your main gig!
    Brent recently posted…15 Things I’ve Sold To Make Money & How You Can TooMy Profile

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