Month: November 2013

Frugal Find Friday: Black Friday

Yeah, I just went there. Sure, Black Friday a horrific example of overindulgence and consumerism, but it goes perfectly with a holiday where we gorge ourselves on far too much food. Growing up, Turkey Day was often spent with dozens

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Millennials: It’s Not Too Late to Plan for an Early Retirement

The alarm buzzes. You hit snooze a few times before stumbling your way into the bathroom, wishing you could do something — anything — other than go in to work. Pasting a smile on your face and mumbling “good morning”

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I Say Thanksgiving “Wrong”

Thanksgiving is one of those words I say “wrong.” Or as a friend so lovingly tells me:     I overemphasize the “thanks” part of Thanksgiving. THANKSgiving — if you will. I’d gone my whole life without noticing this until

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Frugal Find Friday: Brush Your Teeth

When I started my current job I had a major struggle the first week. I wanted desperately to brush my teeth during the day, but felt worried I would weird people out in the bathroom. It isn’t too common to

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Yes, You Do Need an Emergency Fund (talking to you, indebted millennials)

The first time my parent’s threw me a surprise party, I almost called their bluff because of a pack of Bubble Tape. It was 1998 and the eve of my ninth birthday. In an effort to get me out of

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Lifestyle Inflation: How to Earn More, Spend More, and Get Nowhere

After the graduation caps are tossed in the air and the realities of impending student-loan bills sink in, millennials (we hope) scurry off to the rat race. Many fresh-faced college grads are receiving their first paychecks above minimum wage and

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Frugal Find Friday: Podcasts

In my youth I had moments of being a self-indulgent brat. Notably the “flying coach” incident was not one of my finer moments. Another: my first iPod. The scene was my 18th birthday. Sitting at the dining room table I

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Let’s Do Something New and Talk About How to Handle Debt

Today marks two firsts on Broke Millennial. 1) The first guest post, ever. 2) Talking about debt. (Props if you understand the link). I’ll let you get acquainted with one of my favorite personal finance bloggers. Don’t worry, she likes

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Why You Should Take Advice From Personal Finance Bloggers

Congratulations. You clicked on this post, which means to some degree you’re curious about bettering your financial life — or you hoped this would be a catty, sarcastic take-down of financial professionals. Apologies to those who wished for the later.

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Frugal Find Friday: Cook in Bulk

As a childless, unmarried, 24-year-old living in New York City, I desperately wish my life even slightly resembled Sex and the City. Mostly because Carrie Bradshaw never cooked. It’s a running theme in the show. Her oven is used for

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