Month: January 2014

Frugal Find Friday: TIX4STUDENTS

Despite my frugal ways I love nothing more than spending money on the perfect present. True to our traditional gift-giving, Peach and I have decided to forgo presents and splurge on an experience for Valentine’s Day. Or you could just

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How to Graduate College Debt Free

After a summer of touring colleges in the United States and hearing the dastardly sums of money they charged for the privilege of entering their hallowed halls, my parents made a decree. I had to apply to every eligible scholarship.

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Happy First Birthday, Broke Millennial

A year ago today, around 9:00 pm, I hit publish on my first post and Broke Millennial was born. To use a cliche I absolutely detest but is incredibly accurate: time has flown by. A year ago I had no

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How I (Financially) Handle a Long Distance Relationship

In August of 2010, I sauntered into Hickey dining hall with the specific swagger a senior in college carries. In a move of epic uncoolness, I was back at school two weeks before many of peers to be properly trained

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How Bad Moves on Social Media Could Damage Your Credit Score

Dramatically quitting your job via viral video might seem appealing after your boss starts screaming at you — again– but for the sake of your credit score, it’s probably not a good idea. According to a recent report from the

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Frugal Find Friday: Say Yes (sometimes)

Yesterday, a few co-workers were chatting about going out for happy hour after work. I looked up and asked, “where you headed?” One said the name of the bar and asked “do you want to come?!” He seemed shocked that

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Q&A with ‘The Economy of You’ author Kimberly Palmer

Want more money? There are two things you can do: spend less or make more. Personally, I’m a fan of the latter. Combine making more money with innate love of saving and you have an instant recipe for wealth. Okay,

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What Is An IRA, and Which One Is Right For You?

When college graduates hit the workforce, they’re faced with piles of paperwork and life-altering decisions about major financial issues. Insurance, debt repayment and savings accounts all seem far more pressing than retirement. But they couldn’t be more wrong. Today is

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The Financial Ramifications of the Quarter-Life Crisis

Zoologist, geologist, nun, writer, lawyer, White House press secretary, news anchor. At some point in my life, each one of those titles answered the question “what do you want to be when you grow up?” I’m still struggling to find

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Frugal Find Friday: Tab app

Going out to a meal with friends may start out as jovial time, but it turns into every millennial’s nightmare the moment the waiter leaves the bill. Suddenly, battle lines are drawn and everyone begins their own self-serving calculation for

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