Happy First Birthday, Broke Millennial

A year ago today, around 9:00 pm, I hit publish on my first post and Broke Millennial was born. To use a cliche I absolutely detest but is incredibly accurate: time has flown by.

1st bday 2

I felt about as terrified as I look in this picture from my actual 1st birthday.

A year ago I had no clue what SEO meant, I couldn’t tell you a thing about coding and I didn’t even have a Twitter account! For those of you who follow me on Twitter, that’s probably the most shocking fact you’ve ever learned about me.

I originally planned to stay anonymous because my general reaction to privacy issues and the internet can be quite Ron Swanson-esque.

Eventually, my first name leaked out and due to a variety of circumstances my full name later became semi-attached to my blog. Lucky for you, it hasn’t stopped me from sharing embarrassing childhood stories and photos.

Looking back on my first post, the mission of this blog was to be a resource to my fellow millennials and to cultivate financial literacy in my generation. In small ways, I feel I’ve succeeded, even if it’s just with my friends and some co-workers. I’ve certainly drastically improved my own knowledge and feel excited each day to learn something new.

Highlights From The Year

  • Moving from a .wordpress blog to a grownup site here on BrokeMillennial.com
  • Giving a talk to AOL/Huffington Post interns about practical budgeting
  • Becoming a contributor to AOL’s DailyFinance

  • Winning a Plutus Award (Best Personal Finance Blog for Young Adults)
  • Someone emailing to ask if she could set me up on a blind date with her son (I politely declined)
  • Chatting with Chelsea Krost about engagement rings, Real Housewives drama and financial literacy
  • The first time I had over 1,000 views in one day
  • Appearing on HuffPost Live with my Dad
  • The great experiment that was the first version of economag
  • Having my advice on financial resolutions turned into a full Forbes article

  • Putting my broadcast journalism degree to good use on Alicia Menendez Tonight
  • Joining this incredibly supportive community and getting exposure to a variety of schools of thought on all things personal finance.

Over the last year I’ve written 107 posts specifically for Broke Millennial.

Favorite Posts

(No surprise that the posts where I got snarky turned out to be my favorites)

Post I Was Scared To Publish

(Even though I’d never claimed to be in debt, I worried about serious backlash when I announced I’d never been in the red. Thankfully, people were supportive)

Most Viewed Post

(I love that I get search terms questioning if it’s legal for parents to charge their kids rent)

This blog truly is an homage to my parents. I credit them for every ounce of my motivation to understand all things related to money and become self-sufficient. They gave me a privileged upbringing, but taught me to never feel entitled to their bank account. Through their tutelage money became a source of empowerment instead of fear. That is probably the best gift they’ve given me since life itself (and that Lion King belt on my sixth birthday. That was pretty clutch).

Thank YOU so much to you for reading/subscribing/following/commenting/emailing/making this site more than the ramblings of a woman who hopes to see serious change when it comes to financial literacy.

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69 comments on “Happy First Birthday, Broke Millennial
  1. Congrats on hitting the one year-mark! You’ve definitely accomplished a lot in a year. This was a big one for me, too -> “The first time I had over 1,000 views in one day.”
    DC @ Young Adult Money recently posted…The Weekly Quick Hits RoundupMy Profile

  2. Matt Becker says:

    Congrats Erin! Your growth here, and especially in other places, has honestly been really impressive. You’ve really done a great job both sharing interesting content and making a name for yourself. I have to admit that the seeming ease with which you do it all makes me jealous from time to time. (I know it’s not actually easy, but it definitely comes off that way). I’m looking forward to all the cool stuff you’ll do from here on out!
    Matt Becker recently posted…3 More Unconventional Reasons to Contribute to a Traditional IRAMy Profile

    • Broke Millennial says:

      Thanks so much, Matt. I promise, there is a lot of angst and occasional tears involved in the whole process. I’m glad it comes off easy though!

  3. Liz says:

    congrats on reaching the one-year mark! It looks like you have done a lot in your one year of blogging. Excited to see what year 2 brings : )
    Liz recently posted…Frugal Valentines Day Date Idea: Movie NightMy Profile

  4. Congrats! Your accomplishments are incredible! I didn’t realize that this blog was only a year old. Amazing!
    Dave @ The New York Budget recently posted…Cheap Eats: Great Tacos, But More Than I Wanted To PayMy Profile

    • Broke Millennial says:

      I remember thinking that when I started blogging and guys I really respected posted about only being a year in. So much can happen in a year. I can’t wait to see what happens with The New York Budget!

  5. J$ says:

    Congrats!!!! Just imagine what the next year’s going to bring too?? You’re killin’ it, girl. Keep going.
    J$ recently posted…How to Write a Great Financial Mission StatementMy Profile

    • Broke Millennial says:

      Thanks J. Money! It’s awesome having you as a blogger to look up too and see what can be happening 5+ years down the road.

  6. Congratulations! What a successful first year – just think about where you’ll be next year! Keep up the great work.
    Jack @ SeeJackSave recently posted…You Need HOW Much to Retire?My Profile

  7. Awesome work Erin. I come here and never realized you had only been around for a year. You have accomplished more than most. Keep it up!
    Grayson @ Debt Roundup recently posted…Reader Poll – How Do You Pay For Emergencies?My Profile

    • Broke Millennial says:

      Sometimes I still feel like such a blogging rookie, but good to know I’m fooling some folks. 😛 Thanks for being a regular reader, Grayson. I’ve enjoyed your blog since my early months at this.

  8. Dad says:

    Erin – we are proud of you!!

  9. Congrats on all of you success over the first year! It’s amazing what you have accomplished!
    Tonya@Budget & the Beach recently posted…You Spent Money on What?!?My Profile

  10. Michelle says:

    Congrats on one year! You are obviously doing very well. Looking forward to next year and the many, many future years of your blog 🙂
    Michelle recently posted…Income Series: Creating Passive Income from Niche WebsitesMy Profile

    • Broke Millennial says:

      You certainly set a great example to aspire to Michelle. I’ve loved following your journey to self-employment.

  11. Happy blogiversary my fellow webnerd!
    Holly@ClubThrifty recently posted…Six Start-Up Ideas in Health and FitnessMy Profile

  12. Fantastic first year! Those are some great accomplishments. May many more await you in year two.
    Done by Forty recently posted…Girls Just Want to Raise FundsMy Profile

  13. Holy smokes! Your one year accomplishments are amazing. I can only hope to get half of what you got done! I would love to pick your brain in the future.
    Michelle @fitisthenewpoor recently posted…Weekly Roundup #14: 1,426 MilesMy Profile

  14. Congratulations on the anniversary! Here’s to many more. 🙂
    Tara @ Streets Ahead Living recently posted…Yay for Snow DaysMy Profile

  15. Congrats on the first birthday! Time does fly…and you’ve accomplished a lot in this one year alone. Very impressive.
    Andrew@LivingRichCheaply recently posted…House Hunting UpdateMy Profile

    • Broke Millennial says:

      Thank you, Andrew. I love the perspective you bring to the NYC bloggers. Looking forward to seeing how your first year shakes out!

  16. Happy 1st Erin! You’ve had an incredible year, it’s seriously inspiring. Looking forward to whatever’s next!
    Stefanie @ thebrokeandbeautifullife recently posted…Money Talks: Raise Your VoiceMy Profile

  17. Sylvia says:

    Happy birthday, badass! We LOVE YOU. By we, I mean your fan club, which is of course enormous. <3

  18. Congratulations on your one year blog birthday! It is so amazing and impressive everything you have accomplished in a year. Keep up the great work and I can’t wait to see what is on your highlights next year. 🙂
    Shannon @ Financially Blonde recently posted…Top Ten Songs that remind me of my first jobMy Profile

  19. You’ve had a very prolific first year of blogging! Congrats!
    Lisa E. @ Lisa Vs. The Loans recently posted…Choose to be DifferentMy Profile

  20. Congrats on 1 and may you have many more!
    Financial Samurai recently posted…The Ideal Split Between Passive Income And Active Income For A Better LifeMy Profile

  21. MMD says:

    Congrats! That’s a hell of a lot more accomplishments than I had in my first year of blogging!

    Ron Swanson is awesome!
    MMD recently posted…You’re Going to Need A LOT More Emergency Cash – Bad Things Will Happen!My Profile

    • Broke Millennial says:

      Ron Swanson is my spirit animal. A co-worker once told me she thought if Ron Swanson were a real person he would be my soul mate. I took it as the highest of praise.

  22. Aras Androck says:

    Happy 1st birthday, broke millenial. Wishing you more birthdays to come!
    Aras Androck recently posted…Coupon HunterMy Profile

  23. Happy Birthday, Broke Millennial!!! Wow – what a great year it’s been for you and and Broke Millennial. Very, very well-deserved success and I am so proud to see your list of accomplishments. I laughed that you weren’t on twitter yet. I remember starting to get these tweets from a Broke Millennial. 🙂 Glad we connected and I can’t wait to see how far you go in year 2!
    Shannon @ The Heavy Purse recently posted…Bad Spending Habits and How to Fix Them {Infographic}My Profile

    • Broke Millennial says:

      Thanks, Shannon! Twitter is certainly quite addicting, but I still have only sent about 100 tweets under my personal handle and I refuse to get on Instagram. I can only handle so much at a time.

  24. Gina says:

    Happy first birthday, BM! I’m glad you started blogging, because I love your blog!
    Gina recently posted…Five on Friday v20My Profile

  25. That’s a helluva year, congratualations Broke Millenial!

  26. Kemkem says:

    Happy 1st birthday from a new fan! And what a list of accomplishments!!!!
    Kemkem recently posted…Our first CouchsurferMy Profile

  27. Congrats on a great year! 🙂 Hope that year two is even better than the first!
    Our Fine Adventure recently posted…Freelance BloggingMy Profile

  28. Congratulations! Your posts continue to be of help to me and always an inspiration!

  29. Mr. 1500 says:

    Wow, what a year for you! This one will be hard to outdo, for sure. That’s a good problem to have though.
    Mr. 1500 recently posted…Ask the Readers: What was your College Major?My Profile

  30. Congratulations on a full year of blogging! That’s an exciting milestone 🙂 Here’s to many more years of successful adventures in blogging and writing for you!
    Kali @ CommonSenseMillennial recently posted…Overcoming Obstacles with Money Using Lessons Learned from the Lord of the RingsMy Profile

  31. Cassandre says:

    Congrats! You had a bountiful year you Millennial you!
    Hopefully 2014 is a better year for the rest of us millennial chicks
    Cassandre recently posted…Weekend ReadingMy Profile

  32. Happy Blog Birthday! You’ve achieved so much in the space of a year! A great list of successes right there. 🙂
    Hayley @ A Disease Called Debt recently posted…Debt free living: a dream or a reality?My Profile

  33. So exciting! Congrats on a successful first year! I hope this next year is just as amazing for you and the blog! 🙂
    Fig @ Figuring Money Out recently posted…Cool Piggy BanksMy Profile

  34. Congrats on the birthday! I hope my first year is 1/10th as successful as yours was! Best of luck in year two!
    Ryan @ Impersonal Finance recently posted…I’m not the CFO of my householdMy Profile

  35. Congrats! You’ve come so far in only a year. Keep it up!

  36. Aussie says:

    First birthday is always a very great thing. When my son’s first birthday came up I was so happy and I even cried out of happiness.

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