Month: February 2014

Frugal Find Friday: No Wedding

Disclaimer: No, I’m not engaged! I just let my snark out a bit and thought some readers might enjoy my sass about saying no wedding!  Receiving a piece of mail that wasn’t a bill, a jury duty summons, or an

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Why Losing $1,000 Per Year is a Big Deal

I filed my taxes last night and realized two things: 1) I really don’t make much money. 2) Opening and fully contributing to a traditional IRA saved my hide this tax season. Most regular readers know that I have a

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Spending Freeze: Is Going Cold Turkey a Smart Way to Dig Out of Debt?

The first time I heard about someone doing a spending freeze I reacted like any normal, slightly sarcastic, 24-year-old critic would. I muttered, “Yeah, that will end well” and threw in an eye roll for good measure. A spending freeze

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Frugal Find Friday: Foster a Dog

I’m a 24-year-old woman. I’m supposed to have some sort of biological desire to bring life into this world. Well, that switch hasn’t flipped yet, but my puppy-crazy is maxed out. Hard. Over the last year I’ve been jonesing to

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Roommates: A (possible) Financial Nightmare

I strolled into a meeting yesterday to hear a co-worker lament, “and she hadn’t been paying it for two months!” “Hadn’t been paying what?” I inquired “Rent! My roommate hasn’t been paying rent for two months and I just found

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Frugal Find Friday: Credit Card Churning

As you may of gathered from my earlier post this week about the credit history debacle, I’m not remotely close to joining to ranks of those who delight in credit card churning (or travel hacking). The closest I came was

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3 Good Reasons Not to Pay an Accountant to File Your Taxes

Apparently, Americans missed out on $1 billion last year by filing their own tax returns. Perhaps you’ve seen the commercials featuring dramatic warship or football stadium representations of just how much cold, hard cash squandered by taking our financial fate

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Being Debt Free: The Story of How I Have Minimal Credit History

I’ve spent the 24 years of my life avoiding debt. Well, probably more like the last seven years because I didn’t really have a way to accrue debt before venturing off to college. But since 2007, I’ve been warding off

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Frugal Find Friday: DIY Valentine’s Day Cards

I’m a sucker for a holiday, so the  state of my love life never truly impacted my feelings towards Valentine’s Day. I reveled in a day dedicated to saying nice things to your loved ones, or secret crush, and filled

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Are You Owed an Inheritance?

Growing up, we used to play a slightly morbid game in my home. For lack of a proper name, I will call it the “Inheritance Allocation Game.” If I said something that perturbed my father I’d be properly reprimanded by

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