3 Funny Money Lessons from TV’s Greatest Minds

Ron Swanson Money memeReality TV shows offer a handful of average Americans the chance to race around the world, outwit, outplay and outlast their rivals, or lose weight, all to win serious money. Luckily, the rest of us saps tuning in can hope to better our financial futures from the comfort of our couches — without eating bugs or faking love for a millionaire. Because some of the best sitcom characters can offer us some excellent (and hilarious) money advice.

Admittedly, sometimes, their advice is off base. But, even then, you can learn from their mistakes.

Here are three of my favorite fiscally savvy (or at least fiscally enthusiastic) characters, and what they have to teach us.

1. Don’t Make Your Nest Egg Out of Gold Alone

Ron Swanson: “You won’t find any bank statements either. I’ve heavily invested in gold which I’ve buried in several different locations around Pawnee. Or have I?”

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18 comments on “3 Funny Money Lessons from TV’s Greatest Minds
  1. Great post Erin! It’s ironic that such an awesome character like Ron Swanson actually gives bad money advice while Dwight Schrute actually gives pretty solid advice.

  2. I love all those shows, so you obviously have good taste. 🙂 It’s funny how the financial advice always seems to come from the odd patriarch figure in those shows. I wonder what’s up with that.

    • Broke Millennial says:

      I have excellent TV taste and like Kenneth the page I just love Television SO MUCH! And can’t say I’m surprised the financial advice comes from the men…hopefully that changes soon enough.

  3. Haha love Ron Swanson and his ridiculous logic.

  4. Further proof for how much I love Dwight. Sigh. I miss that show.

  5. I like reality tv shows because they are mostly entertaining. The reactions from peoples faces either they make me feel happy for them or makes me sad. Retirement plans for dummies, learn from the mistakes of other people.

    • Broke Millennial says:

      Oh, I still watch some good doses of reality! I’ve even written about lessons from them on this site.

  6. This definitely made me LOL, especially the Jack Donaghy line. I hate to admit it, but he is kind of my hero.

  7. Love this post. I often get money advice from Reality TV Shows like Judge Judy and The Real Housewives.

  8. RyanBTrudeau says:

    Not funny but I was looking for the funniest one! Yes I agree with you and I liked this view of fun! Thanks a lot

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