Month: April 2014

Burnout (in Gifs)

People have been noticing that I’ve been a little quiet lately. I’m not churning out posts at my normal rate (which is still less than a lot of other bloggers). It’s because I’m feeling like this right now… As some

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Frugal Find Friday: Dealing with Lifestyle Inflation

Earlier this week I pulled a stereotypical millennial move — I started a new job. Apparently, the average 25-year-old (which I’ll be in a month) has worked 6.3 jobs between the ages of 18-25. Well, let’s count ’em up: Resident

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Does the Average Millennial Need Life Insurance?

Regular readers know I’m not married nor have kids, so life insurance isn’t something pressing in my life. However, it is an important topic I felt needed to be addressed. I asked a favorite blogger of mine, Matt from Mom

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