Month: May 2014

This is America, Right?

Six hours into a babysitting shift, the bright screen of a text message caught my eye. I reached down to pick my phone off the couch and already sensed what was coming. The clock was dangerously close to midnight and

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Frugal Find Friday: Uber

No one wants to be trying to flag down a cab at 2 AM. After all, nothing good happens after 2 AM — but hey — it happens. So, there I was, with a few new friends I’d made, trying

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How to Get Your Banking Complaints Resolved

Some people have turned complaining into an obnoxious art form, and if you’re not one of them, you’re probably fairly happy not to be. Who wants to be a whiner, after all? But there are times when being able to

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Guess Who’s Back?! (And with a new job)

(Admit it, you totally have Eminem stuck in your head right now) A little over a month ago I started a new job. For the most part, I kept the details under wraps and took a few weeks off the

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How Much Does Motherhood Really Cost Women?

My birth was meticulously planned. My mother, a teacher, and my father, a businessman, strategized their baby-making agenda around my mother’s schedule. I would be born at the end of May, giving her the summer for her maternity leave, during

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Becoming Smarter About Money Doesn’t Have to be Boring

Money isn’t the root of all evil. That title truly belongs to ignorance. Ignorance can leave intelligent people crippled with fear about what to do with their savings account or prevent them from understanding how to properly use/utilize credit cards.

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