Month: June 2014

Frugal Find Friday: Volunteer for Free Admission

Volunteering often invokes the image of selfless people giving of their time to help humanity (or animals). Or high school kids looking to round out a college application. Regardless, volunteer work often requires donating your time for a greater cause.

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How to Tell a Bride ‘No’

You’ll find that I’m on a bit of a the bridesmaid kick. Here is my story for US News’ My Money Blog on how to tell a bride no! The wedding industry is a multibillion dollar market, and most bridesmaids

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Frugal Find Friday: Summer in New York City

The wealthy may abandon Park Avenue for refuge in the The Hamptons, but some of us are willing (read: have to) tough out the strange smells and extreme heat of summer in New York City. Below is a list of

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Perhaps I Should Move to Germany?

A few weeks ago, I met up with one of my favorite personal finance bloggers, Shannon from Financially Blonde. I consider Shannon a mentor and have often gone to her for career advice. To my delight, she provides plenty of

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When Working for Free Makes Sense

I promise unique, original content will be back next week. But for today I offer you my first US News article… Young professionals have all heard one trite, stitched-on-a-pillow-worthy expression: If you love what you do, you’ll never work a

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Save Thousands on Credit Card Debt with Balance Transfers

Last weekend, a bachelorette party I was attending took an odd turn. Instead of chattering about the impending nuptials and playing suggestive games, the women discussed their troubled finances. I listened to the angst as two schoolteachers bemoaned the stress

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When to Take the Upsell

Last year, my boyfriend and I celebrated Christmas with tickets to see the Broadway musical “Wicked.” Caught up in the splendor of the holidays in New York City, we decided to indulge in some horrifically overpriced theater cocktails. As the

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