Month: July 2014

How To Reduce or Avoid Student Loan Debt: A Guide To Being A Debt-Free College Student

I don’t have first hand experience with student loans, so I happy to introduce someone who knows a thing or two about how to handle them: Gary Dek. Gary is the founder of, a site focused on personal finance,

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3 Totally Common Financial Tips You Should Probably Ignore

Whether you get your financial tips by asking friends and family or checking out library books, attending seminars or searching online (at sites other than DailyFinance), impractical pieces of advice abound. Too many personal finance experts tend to populate their

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Frugal Find Friday: Go For a Walk

As a New Yorker (okay, New York City resident…I can’t say “New Yorker” for another seven years), I tend to do a lot of walking. It’s one of the main modes of transportation in this city, and you quickly realize

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Review: The Lemonade Stand (Plus a giveaway)

Long-time readers may remember my first financial lesson came from the rough-and-tumble suburban streets in North Carolina on a hot summer’s morning. To make all my journalism professors happy, I can condense an 800+ word story into a few sentences: 

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The Case for College Students to Have Credit Cards

Incoming freshmen receive dozens of warnings before stepping foot onto their college campus for the first time: Mom and dad caution them to not get carried away with extra curricular activities and instead focus on their grades. Older siblings kindly

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Double Dose of Credit Card Fraud

“I’m sorry, your card has been declined.” “Umm, okay could you try it again?” “I swiped it twice times. It isn’t working.” This is never a conversation you want to have after trying to pay for brunch, but it happened

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