Month: October 2014

Frugal Find Friday: Pack For Every Occasion

In my younger years (yeah, yeah I’m only 25 so what “younger years”?) I used to be something of a chronic overpacker. Friends used to joke that I was prepared for any event short of prom. Frankly, not much has

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8 Online Banks That Let You Skip the Fees, Enjoy the Interest

The goal of a checking account should be to find an FDIC-insured bank with few or no fees. Unfortunately, millions of Americans are banking with enormous brick-and-mortar banks that charge monthly maintenance fees, as well as a host of punitive

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Frugal Find Friday: MoviePass

My favorite movie memory was watching The Titanic with my Dad in the theaters. I had an odd obsession with the Titanic (the actual ship, not the movie) and used to be able to spout off tons of fact about

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7 Things You Didn’t Know Before Today

First, I apologize for the lack of original content recently. You can blame a combination of weddings, work trips, paid work taking priority and of course Peach now living in NYC. Second, I know this is a fluffy way to

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Ally Bank Rejected Me and I’m a Little Confused

For those who read Part I of this saga (What Happened When I Tried to Open an Ally Bank Savings Account), I bring you the next installment. And no, this quest isn’t over! A few weeks ago, I attempted to

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Why You Should Still Save When in Debt

The shackles of debt seem to be a bonding force for many millennials around the country, but it isn’t just Gen Y that is attempting to pay off lenders. Debt is a national problem spanning all generations. To many, it

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Is Convenience When Paying Your Tuition Worth a 2.62% Fee?

People using credit cards to pay for college tuition should expect to pay an average 2.62 percent convenience fee, a recent survey concludes. These convenience fees likely trump any reward points –- especially because credit card companies never throw

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