Month: November 2014

Dear Millennials, Let’s Be Friends. Sincerely, The Stock Market

Dear Millennials, I fear something is amiss in our relationship. A week doesn’t go by without me reading an article or watching a news segment about your utter distrust in me and disdain for those I work with – or

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Welcome to Broke Millennial: Personal Finance Advice for Millennials (and others)

Hello there – Is this your first time here? Perhaps you saw a giant photo of me next to the words “Millennials want to save, many can’t.” Other than now knowing that my discretionary income is put towards spending time

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Being a Woman Busted My Budget

Dear enraged feminist readers – don’t worry. This is not a sexist diatribe. “$1,412. No. That can’t be right. I can’t possible have $1,412 in credit card charges from this month,” I began muttering to myself. The portion of my

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How a Pack of Gum Helped Me Graduate College Debt-Free

We all have different reasons behind why we pick the colleges we attend. My reasons came down to a surprise party and roll of Bubble Tape gum. The weekend before my ninth birthday, my Dad seemed anxious to get me

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