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Building Credit History: an Insurance Policy on Your Financial Life

Sponsored by Capital One “You should get a credit card,” my Dad told me as I headed off for my freshman year of college. Many personal finance gurus and rookies alike may gasp in horror over my Dad’s suggestion, but

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Your First Credit Card – What to Consider

Sponsored by Capital One Picking your first credit card can feel overwhelming. There are hundreds to choose from and how are you supposed to know what’s best for your unique situation? Parents, older siblings and friends may give advice –

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Financial Pet Peeve: The Worst Credit Score Myth of All

There is a perverse myth that’s taken hold in our recently credit-score-obsessed culture. A myth so upsetting to my delicate feminine emotions, it leaves me longing for the days of fainting couches. This myth is doing damage to the already

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Is Convenience When Paying Your Tuition Worth a 2.62% Fee?

People using credit cards to pay for college tuition should expect to pay an average 2.62 percent convenience fee, a recent survey concludes. These convenience fees likely trump any reward points –- especially because credit card companies never throw

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College Students Still Face Crippling Credit Card Rates

Credit card lenders around the country are beginning to salivate as college students head to campus — though not as enthusiastically as they once did. Young adults used to be a powerful debt-generating machine, and banks took full advantage. Then

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5 Credit Card Myths Hurting Your Wallet and Credit Score

Thus far I haven’t re-posted any of my articles that I’ve been writing over at, but I feel very strongly that this one needs as many eyeballs as possible!! Credit cards, like any financial product, seem to create a

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The Case for College Students to Have Credit Cards

Incoming freshmen receive dozens of warnings before stepping foot onto their college campus for the first time: Mom and dad caution them to not get carried away with extra curricular activities and instead focus on their grades. Older siblings kindly

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Double Dose of Credit Card Fraud

“I’m sorry, your card has been declined.” “Umm, okay could you try it again?” “I swiped it twice times. It isn’t working.” This is never a conversation you want to have after trying to pay for brunch, but it happened

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Frugal Find Friday: How I Get a Free FICO Score

About two months I experienced a rather rude financial awakening. My massive debt aversion over the last 24 years (well, I doubt I cared much as a child so let’s say 13 years) resulted in a lack of credit history.

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Frugal Find Friday: Credit Card Churning

As you may of gathered from my earlier post this week about the credit history debacle, I’m not remotely close to joining to ranks of those who delight in credit card churning (or travel hacking). The closest I came was

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