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The Magic Formula for Financial Success Post Graduation

Yes, I know I haven’t posted in ages. Things have been a bit busy in personal, work and freelance life. While I get original content cued up, I hope you enjoy this piece… College graduates around the country are currently

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A Credit Card Reward for the Environmentally Conscious

Environmentally conscious Americans routinely look for ways to reduce their carbon footprint. They carry water bottles to avoid buying one-time plastic receptacles. Some bike or take public transit to reduce emissions from a car (or simply to save money). Others

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ChexSystems: You May Not Know Them, But They Know You

Many Americans possess an elementary understanding of both credit reports and credit scores and how each plays a significant role in a person’s financial life. A bad credit report can prevent you from getting a job. A low credit score

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Buyer’s Guide: Your Store Strategy for Holiday Shopping

“Whether you’re battling the crowds on Black Friday or squeezing your shopping in a few days before the holidays, you have to get your mind, body and most importantly — wallet — ready for the challenge.” I’m on video! [You

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Are You Really Saving Your Money?

On Black Friday, I mentally high-fived myself when I used cash-back rewards money to buy several pieces of clothing I needed for my winter wardrobe. I thought to myself, “I just saved $100.” But really, I didn’t. While $100 didn’t

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How a Pack of Gum Helped Me Graduate College Debt-Free

We all have different reasons behind why we pick the colleges we attend. My reasons came down to a surprise party and roll of Bubble Tape gum. The weekend before my ninth birthday, my Dad seemed anxious to get me

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8 Online Banks That Let You Skip the Fees, Enjoy the Interest

The goal of a checking account should be to find an FDIC-insured bank with few or no fees. Unfortunately, millions of Americans are banking with enormous brick-and-mortar banks that charge monthly maintenance fees, as well as a host of punitive

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Is Convenience When Paying Your Tuition Worth a 2.62% Fee?

People using credit cards to pay for college tuition should expect to pay an average 2.62 percent convenience fee, a recent survey concludes. These convenience fees likely trump any reward points –- especially because credit card companies never throw

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6 Out of 10 Millennials Really Need to Get a Credit Card

Almost two-thirds of millennials don’t have a credit card, according to a recent study from, but only 35 percent of adults over 30 shy away from plastic. When the figures were revealed, cheers went up from the Dave Ramsey

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College Students Still Face Crippling Credit Card Rates

Credit card lenders around the country are beginning to salivate as college students head to campus — though not as enthusiastically as they once did. Young adults used to be a powerful debt-generating machine, and banks took full advantage. Then

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