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Why You Should Take Advice From Personal Finance Bloggers

Congratulations. You clicked on this post, which means to some degree you’re curious about bettering your financial life — or you hoped this would be a catty, sarcastic take-down of financial professionals. Apologies to those who wished for the later.

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6 Ways I Embrace My Desire to Splurge

In the world of fiscally responsible personal finance bloggers, we tend to promote the merits of penny pinching and importance of making sure every purchase is money well spent. While I’ve never claimed to be a fan of minimalism, I

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Paper or Plastic? How to Deal with Credit Cards vs Cash

[Rerun warning for long-time readers] As a freshman in college my first financial decision was to get a credit card. I can sense you financially savvy readers wince. Usually, credit cards and college freshman are about as compatible as the

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Starting a Love Affair with Saving Money

Many great love affairs require compatible partners, betrayals, forgiveness, open-communication and of course primal urges. When we recount the epic love affairs throughout history people always name drop Romeo & Juliet, Cleopatra & Mark Antony, Elizabeth Bennett & Mr. Darcy,

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