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Women’s Power Wednesday

If you haven’t already been able to tell, I’m not a particularly feminine woman. In fact, I wore bike shorts underneath dresses until an embarrassing age. My shoes often don’t match my ensemble and I frequently have to ask my

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Are You Owed an Inheritance?

Growing up, we used to play a slightly morbid game in my home. For lack of a proper name, I will call it the “Inheritance Allocation Game.” If I said something that perturbed my father I’d be properly reprimanded by

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3 Smart Tactics for Raising Financially Fit Kids (and How They Worked on Me)

Yesterday, I got an email from my father. The body of the message contained a link to a Forbes article titled “7 Ways You’re Hurting Your Daughter’s Future.” Always a succinct man, he simply wrote, “Hopefully we didn’t mess up

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Bitcoin 101

Tonight I fell down a rabbit hole in an attempt to understand the newest currency sweeping the land: Bitcoin. Earlier today my best friend sent me a link to a Yahoo story boldly proclaiming “A College Kid Made More Than

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Using Halloween to Teach about Taxes (aka Candy Tax)

A modified version of the post Candy Tax and other Childhood Grudges My shove into the world of taxation didn’t come during my sophomore year of college when I worked my first legit job. The first memory I have of

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A Money-Savvy Daughter Looks Back on the Finance Lessons That Stuck With Her

I’m excited to announce my new hustle as a contributor to Below is a snippet of my inaugural post, which is also a promotion of International Day of the Girl. When I was growing up, no one ever called

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How to Avoid Student Loan Debt (A True Story)

I’m a millennial anomaly. I’m 24 and never had student loan debt (or any other kind). In 2012 the average millennial graduated with $27,000 in student loans. According to a Forbes article, this is a 58 percent increase from grads

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Defining Financial Independence

The beginning of a series examining wealth. As a young girl, I have vivid memories of going grocery shopping with my mom. While we strolled through the aisles of Food Lion I would eyeball all the junk food I desperately

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5 Eye Roll Inducing Statements About Money

Looking for entertainment? Try riding a New York City subway. No, not because mariachi bands, break dancers, barbershop quartets and accordion players subject us to their “talents.” The subway provides ample opportunity to eavesdrop on people’s conversations. Luckily for me,

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Skip the Finance Courses and Just Watch The Real Housewives

The Real Housewives franchise debuted with the ladies of Orange County in March of 2006, a year before the great recession. By the time season two aired, the housing bubble had burst and Americans found themselves drowning in debt and

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