Broke Millennial is now a book, but it’s not a just blog turned book. It’s an easily digestible guide to personal finance with all fresh material. BROKE MILLENNIAL: Stop Scraping by and Get Your Financial Life Together is specifically designed and written by me for our generation and addresses our pain points.

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Why you should pre-order *now* instead of waiting until May

One way stores decide which books to stock on the shelves is based on the pre-order numbers. The higher the pre-orders, the more likely my book will be seen on bookshelves around the country. If you already planned to purchase the book, then please do me a huge favor and pre-order: You can buy it via:

The book will be shipped on May 2, 2017 when it officially hits shelves.

Who should read Broke Millennial?

Any millennial (or Gen Zer, Gen Xer or Baby Boomer) looking for some clarity. You can start at the beginning and work through just about every topic you can think of to do with personal finance or just get some help with a tune-up on specific topics. In the book, you’ll get help assessing your road blocks with money, breaking down the best budgeting style for you, learn how to handle student loans without having a full-blown panic attack, decode ways to navigate that awkwardness of friendship and finances, get into investing as a rookie, negotiate on your salary (or anything else in life), get financially naked with a partner, become a master of both credit scores and credit cards, understand how retirement is actually possible, be educated as to whether or not you should bother with a financial planner and so much more.

Parents/Aunts/Uncles/Grandma/Grandpa/Wise Siblings/Older Cousins/Kindly Neighbors – It makes a perfect graduation gift. #JustSayin’


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