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Your First Credit Card – What to Consider

Sponsored by Capital One Picking your first credit card can feel overwhelming. There are hundreds to choose from and how are you supposed to know what’s best for your unique situation? Parents, older siblings and friends may give advice –

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Financial Pet Peeve: The Worst Credit Score Myth of All

There is a perverse myth that’s taken hold in our recently credit-score-obsessed culture. A myth so upsetting to my delicate feminine emotions, it leaves me longing for the days of fainting couches. This myth is doing damage to the already

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FICO Score Changes Could Help Millions of Americans

Two months ago, I sat across a table from a woman on the verge of tears. As she clenched her jaw and cast her eyes towards the ground, she disclosed her overwhelming financial situation. An unexpected medical expense depleted her

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How Bad Moves on Social Media Could Damage Your Credit Score

Dramatically quitting your job via viral video might seem appealing after your boss starts screaming at you — again– but for the sake of your credit score, it’s probably not a good idea. According to a recent report from the

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Your Credit Score: After College, It’s the One Grade That Matters Most

After the last exams are completed and final papers are handed in, college seniors breathe a sigh of relief, thinking their futures will no longer be dictated by grades and numbers. But they’re wrong. Walking the stage at graduation and

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Do You Have a “Trustworthy” Credit Score?

Two years ago I started the painful process of finding affordable, rodent-free housing in New York City. My roommate and I went from Craigslist to brokers to emotional meltdowns on street corners. During this process was the first time I

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Paper or Plastic? How to Handle Moving from Cash to Credit Cards

As a freshman in college my first financial decision was to get a credit card. I can sense you financially savvy readers wince. Usually, credit cards and college freshman are about as compatible as the cast of Jersey Shore and

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