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Are You Your Parents’ Retirement Plan?

A perverse game gets played in my family. For lack of a formal name, let’s call it the Percentage Adjustment Game. In moments my younger sister or I do something to jokingly tick off my Dad (this could be as

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Does the Average Millennial Need Life Insurance?

Regular readers know I’m not married nor have kids, so life insurance isn’t something pressing in my life. However, it is an important topic I felt needed to be addressed. I asked a favorite blogger of mine, Matt from Mom

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Millennials, Don’t Take Financial Advice From Your Parents

From birth we’re raised thinking Mommy & Daddy know best. They have our best interests in mind when they scare away tattooed teenage boys, keep the liquor under lock-and-key, and set our curfew earlier than all our other friends’. Unfortunately,

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Dear Parents, Charge Your Kids Rent

In the final weeks of my senior year it became clear the 100+ job applications I’d sent to various broadcast news stations and newspapers around the country had been tossed into garbage cans or sent to junk mail. It appeared

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