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How To Reduce or Avoid Student Loan Debt: A Guide To Being A Debt-Free College Student

I don’t have first hand experience with student loans, so I happy to introduce someone who knows a thing or two about how to handle them: Gary Dek. Gary is the founder of Gajizmo.com, a site focused on personal finance,

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Let’s Do Something New and Talk About How to Handle Debt

Today marks two firsts on Broke Millennial. 1) The first guest post, ever. 2) Talking about debt. (Props if you understand the link). I’ll let you get acquainted with one of my favorite personal finance bloggers. Don’t worry, she likes

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Confession: I Avoided the Millennial Curse

Two weeks ago an astute reader commented on my post “Dealing with the B word” saying, “No student loans? Wow, you are very VERY lucky.” He had noticed my monthly budget doesn’t account for any sort of loan payment. That’s

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