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Why Owing Uncle Sam Made Me Smile

For all the things I adore about finance, which I assure you are many, I just can’t get hyped up for tax time. Maybe it’s the needing to sit still for about three hours while I file or the general

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Traditional IRA: Saving Broke Millennials Hundreds of Dollars

A week ago I sat down at my computer to do my duty as a patriotic, slightly irritated, American and file my taxes. Filing my taxes always leaves me feeling a little like Oliver Twist begging for more. My first

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3 Good Reasons Not to Pay an Accountant to File Your Taxes

Apparently, Americans missed out on $1 billion last year by filing their own tax returns. Perhaps you’ve seen the commercials featuring dramatic warship or football stadium representations of just how much cold, hard cash squandered by taking our financial fate

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Using Halloween to Teach about Taxes (aka Candy Tax)

A modified version of the post Candy Tax and other Childhood Grudges My shove into the world of taxation didn’t come during my sophomore year of college when I worked my first legit job. The first memory I have of

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