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The Consequences of Aggressive Debt Repayment

Jacquelyn Delcamp felt directionless and unmotivated. Like many of her fellow millennials, the then 24-year-old manager for the ticket marketplace company Vivid Seats explored realms of the Internet for inspiration. She ended up stumbling upon the personal finance blogging community

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Is Overdraft Protection Real? A Look at the Big 4 Banks

Overdraft fees originated as a way for wealthy bank clients facing a liquidity problem to borrow money from the bank as a line of credit and pay it back with some interest. Today, overdraft fees often target those on the

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Why You Should Still Save When in Debt

The shackles of debt seem to be a bonding force for many millennials around the country, but it isn’t just Gen Y that is attempting to pay off lenders. Debt is a national problem spanning all generations. To many, it

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