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I Say Thanksgiving "Wrong"

   Posted On: November 26, 2013  |    Posted In: Random  |     Posted by: Broke Millennial®

Thanksgiving is one of those words I say “wrong.” Or as a friend so lovingly tells me:



I overemphasize the “thanks” part of Thanksgiving. THANKSgiving — if you will. I’d gone my whole life without noticing this until I moved to New York City and a co-worker pointed it out. He nicely said, “I think it’s cute that you emphasize the ‘thanks’ part of Thanksgiving.” My parents don’t adhere to this unique pronunciation, so I have no clue where I cultivated my “cute” way of mentioning Turkey Day. Regardless, my version is in-keeping with today’s post.

In a detour from our regularly scheduled programming — I would like to take this post to thank those who have played an integral role in making this blog a success over the last year (’s 1st birthday will be January 24th).

Mom, Dad and meimeiThank you for listening to me constantly yammer on about blogging and money. And for going through old photo albums to send me relevant childhood photos (yay for avoiding copyright infringement issues). A special thanks to my Dad who has been “thrown under the bus” a few times in the retelling of how he taught me about money. I’m sure he never thought teaching me about net profit in 1996 would turn into a parable about my journey to financial literacy. Also, thank you to all my extended family members (of which there are many, I promise you) for reading, sharing and supporting my blog.


Peach  – Who probably hasn’t made it through a single day since January 24th without having to hear me reference something blog related. Instead of simply giving me a well-deserved eye roll, he has embraced increasing his own financial literacy and become one of my biggest champions.

Clearly, my fashion sense got better with age. Circa 2010.

My friends (sorry guys, not going to write out a long list) – For being advocates and continuing to share my work via social media channels and word-of-mouth. I also greatly appreciate all the inspiration for posts, allowing me to talk about you (and in some cases post pictures) and not letting your eyes glaze over too much when I excitedly talk about some new financial lesson I’ve learned. Oh, and thanks for keeping the “nerd” comments to a minimum.

Bloggers (again, too many to list everyone) – When I started this journey, I had never read a personal finance blog. I just sat down and started writing one night and then within a week had unearthed a wonderful community. I’ve met a handful of other bloggers “in real life” but still even incredibly connected to those I’ve never seen outside of a computer. A special thanks to Johnny Moneyseed. We started our sites on the same day and he was one of the driving forces behind me moving from the starter “.wordpress” blog to this beautiful home here. He also answered a slew of emails about the technical details of starting up a website. Also to “other Erin” for being my blogging spirit animal.

And YOU – Yes, you. Particularly if you don’t fall into one of the aforementioned categories. For some reason you come here because you feel I am either entertaining, idiotic or (hopefully) educational. If you aren’t family, friend or fellow blogger, it is sometimes hard for me to believe you’ve managed to find your way here, but I am so glad you did. I’m especially appreciative of those who have become dedicated followers and advocates for helping to build the Broke Millennial brand.

Happy THANKSgiving everyone!



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37 responses to “I Say Thanksgiving "Wrong"

  1. Funny story. I was just told I say “Thanksgiving” wrong. Apparently, I say it with a space between “thanks” and “giving.” Maybe because both words are equally important to me!

    Anyways, great post! It’s awesome to know you have such great support.

    1. Hey, I think that’s a great way to say Thanks….Giving! I wonder if any of it has to do with regional dialects?

  2. I think it is good that you emphasize the “Thanks”. Isn’t that what is supposed to be about? I thank you Erin for creating an awesome resource for Millennials. You should be proud!

  3. You have inspired us, educated us, brought smiles to our faces, shared your experiences and invited us to partake in the lessons through your awesome writing. For that we say Thank You 🙂
    Happy Thanksgiving Erin!

  4. So glad we connected this past year, Erin! You’ve created a wonderful blog and community and you should be very proud. I enjoy reading your posts and often think to myself that I hope when my daughters are your age – they too will proudly talk about how their Mom helped them become financial literate and have your can-do spirit. Happy Thanksgiving, Erin!

    1. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that your daughters will be champions of financial literacy for the next generation. Thank you so much for always being supportive. Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Hi Erin,

    What a wonderful post. I can really resonate with how you got into blogging without having been a blog follower prior to starting your own. It made me laugh when you mentioned that you basically can’t have a conversation w/out mentioning blogging in there somewhere…uh, me too!

    I’ve met so many amazing people who blog on the subject of personal finance. Each has his/her own voice and brings amazing content to the table. I’m thankful to be among them.

    Happy THANKSgiving!

    1. Thanks, Ree. Happy to also have you in the PF community.

      Isn’t it funny how you can link almost any topic back to the blog? It’s truly a skill.

    1. Haha, Too Much Money Millennials just doesn’t seem as snappy! Rich Millennial just sounds snarky… Sigh, guess I’ll just stay with Broke!

    1. It’s so great that we’ve been able to meet in person. I’ve loved watching your blog develop and bring such a unique perspective to the community.

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