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   Posted On: March 19, 2020  |    Posted In: Personal Finance 101  |     Posted by: Broke Millennial®

In an effort to help provide some relief in these stressful times, I’m growing a massive spreadsheet filled with resources for handling the consequences out of COVID-19. It exists on a Google spreadsheet. Below is the welcome page so you know what to expect once you click over there. 


 I hope this handbook can help provide even a little relief. Navigate using the tabs at the bottom for:

  • Food
  • Job leads
  • Shelter
  • Money advice/financial relief (my specialty)
  • Charitable giving
  • Education for adults & kids
  • Mental health (including information about online/dial-in AA meetings)
  • Fitness
  • Entertainment
  • News.

Once in the Google spreadsheet, just hit the arrows on the bottom to scroll over to other tabs.

If you want to just check one resource from this whole document, The New York Times Coronavirus Hub is a strong starting point. 

Have a resource you want included? Submit it here. I’m also creating a small businesses/creatives tab for people to share their details.

Wishing you health and peace of mind,

Erin Lowry (author of Broke Millennial)
    IG: @BrokeMillennialBlog
Twitter: @BrokeMillennial

To support this resource, please donate here: I will donate 50% to charitable causes/the Broke Millennial community.



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