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Looking to feel in control of your money?

Think about it: Do you feel in control of your money, or does it feel like money controls you? For many people, money problems rule their life. They feel as if they can never get out from under their debt and save enough for the things that truly matter.

If you want to stop feeling insecure about your money situation and frustrated by your inability to get ahead, then this bootcamp is an absolute must. My Get Your Financial Life Together bootcamp, created in partnership with CreativeLive, provides straightforward, actionable advice on how to get your financial life together.

The four classes in the bootcamp include:

You can purchase the entire bootcamp or go the a la carte route and just select classes specific to your needs. 

Ready to start investing?

Most people want to start investing, but have no idea where to begin. How much do you need to start? How do you know if you’re taking the right first steps? In Beginner’s Guide to Investing, I break down the obtuse language and lays out your investment strategy options. Learn the common misunderstandings, set your financial goals, and take strategic steps no matter your starting amount, time frame or business context — I’ve got you covered.