The Wealth & Legacy Summit is an online summit and a one-stop shop for answering a lot of your big money questions. 10 of us money nerds have combined our powers to create an extensive course to help you. 10 experts, 10 hours of money help.

My master class

A 50-minute presentation breaking down all the specifics about how to talk about money your romantic partner (aka Getting Financially Naked). I’ll walk you through a playbook and give tips on language to use, questions to ask and what to do if you have trouble navigating this conversation without a fight.

The other master classes include:

  1. What the rich & wealthy teach their family about building a financial legacy.
  2. Invest in your budget and give your finances a High-5
  3. How to crush debt and live your best life.
  4. Curb emotional spending: stop buying crap you don’t like & start savings
  5. How to test drive your stocks without spending any money.
  6. How to make sure you get approved for your first mortgage.
  7. A beginner’s guide to options investing.
  8. How stock investors can read financial statements like a pro.
  9. How to stand out in a competitive marketplace and thrive in your career


Special rate of $97 through July 4, 2020 before doors close.

That averages out to a little less than $10 per session. You have access to all online Masterclass lessons for one year. Lessons expire May 31st 2021.

But, if you have some flexibility in your budget and know you could get a lot of value from this course, then I have some goodies to sweeten the pot.



  • Everyone who purchases the Wealth & Legacy Summit by July 4, 2020, and sends me proof of purchase, will be entered into a lottery to win a 30-minute one-on-one coaching session with me. Topic of your choosing (as long as it’s in my wheelhouse!).


  • The first 10 people to submit proof of purchase to info@brokemillennial.com will score a free copy of either Broke Millennial or Broke Millennial Takes On InvestingYou pick your preference.


  • Get a copy of one of my new worksheets:
    Bare Essentials Budget, Set Better Savings Goals, How to Pay Off Debt Effectively, Handling Debt in Financial Distress.
  • Already have the worksheets? You could get my 30-Day Rookie Investor Action Plan: Designed like a day planner, you will be assigned a small, actionable step to take each day for a month that will set you on the road towards becoming a confident investor. [digital download] or Rookie Investor Cheat Sheet: your very own postcard sized dictionary of must-know investing terms, illustrated for your enjoyment! [digital download]


Step 1: Snap a screenshot your proof of purchase

Step 2:  Write “Wealth & Legacy bonus” in the subject line of your email.

Step 3: Send this email to info@brokemillennial.com by July 4, 2020 at midnight PT!
You will receive an email back from me with further instruction of how to get your bonus!.
On July 6, 2020 a winner of the limited offer one-on-one coaching session will be randomly selected.