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7 Things You Didn't Know Before Today

   Posted On: October 21, 2014  |    Posted In: Random  |     Posted by: Broke Millennial®

First, I apologize for the lack of original content recently. You can blame a combination of weddings, work trips, paid work taking priority and of course Peach now living in NYC.

Second, I know this is a fluffy way to put some fresh content up. But I was nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by my P.I.C Lauren of LBee and the Money Tree. Thanks, Lauren! Basically, the challenge is to reveal 7 things your readers and friends may not know about you. While my close friends know quite a few of these, I know my readers likely don’t and I’m not sure how many friends regularly read this blog. (Just kidding, Hi Mary.)

Cheers to the lovely LBee

1. I can relate anything in life back to a TV show scenario. Seriously. Not only do I love television, but my Mom often accuses me of thinking about TV characters as real people. And she might be right. When a friend recently made a comment about how dating for four years usually leads to an engagement, I retorted that Marshall and Lily (of How I Met Your Mother) dated for nine years before getting married. She replied, “Erin, they aren’t real.”

And Lily keeps her name after marriage – a woman after my own heart.

2. I can’t sleep at night without noise. And not normal noise, like a fan blowing or a white noise machine. It has to be a TV show. Typically either The Office, 30 Rock, Parks and Recreation or if I can tolerate a laugh track that night, “Friends” or “How I Met Your Mother”. The need to listen to something to fall asleep is so bad that I always travel with an iPod so I can plug into a show at night.

3. I’ve never met a sports movie I disliked. Even if it’s about a sport I can’t stand including: hockey, baseball, wrestling, car racing (even though I dispute NASCAR being a sport).

I don’t care if it’s cliche. Who doesn’t love Remember the Titans?! And if you don’t, then keep your terrible opinions to yourself.

4. My favorite word is Mochiron. It’s Japanese for “of course.” I can’t explain why. I just like the way it sounds and rolls off the tongue. (If you didn’t know from previous blogs, I spent five years of my childhood living in Japan.)

top of mt fuji
Top of Mt. Fuji with my parents circa 2002.

5. I already have my first dog’s name picked out. I’m not sure when I’ll finally be in a position to get a dog, but I’m ready with the name. The main character in my favorite movie, The 25th Hour, rescues a dog in the opening scene and names him Doyle. I decided at 14 that would be my first dog’s name. Funnily enough, the dorm I lived in for two years in college was Doyle Hall.

Click here for the scene that inspired my future dog’s name. Be warned, the dog is abandoned on the side of the road and not in great shape when Monty finds him. Monty nurses him back to health and is rarely seen without the dog at his side for the rest of the movie. Also, the language isn’t PG.

6. I was apparently born a feminist. From a very young age I always leaned towards consuming content where women characters were portrayed as powerful, independent and self-sufficient. Pocahontas was my favorite Disney movie. I went through a phase of  only reading books about any historical woman in power. I remember flipping through a book of saints with some other girls in my fourth grade class debating the merits of which name we would pick upon confirmation. While most girls went with the prettiest names, I knew I wanted Joan of Arc as my patron saint because of her story.

7. I’m religious. You’re probably not surprised after that last fact, but I am indeed a church-goer.

When I did get confirmed, I took Joan of Arc as my patron saint. But the bishop who confirmed me was from Indonesia, didn’t speak great English and pronounced it Jo-Ann. It was a bit of a bummer at the time.

Yes, I did wear a kimono.


So, that’s it!

I’m kicking this over to….
Kate (formerly Addison) at Cashville Skyline
Shannon at Financially Blonde
Mel at Broke Girl Rich

Sorry, if any of you already did this and I missed it!

HIMYM gif and Remember the Titans gif taken from GIPHY.

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34 responses to “7 Things You Didn't Know Before Today

  1. Haha love all of these, especially the first one. I am often guilty of doing the same thing. I am at the point where I think I drive Wes crazy with my TV and movie references.

    1. Who doesn’t love Rudy?! Not a person I want to meet. I think it’s the underdog story that gets me every time with sports movies.

  2. Who was your confirmation sponsor? Are you anybody’s? Good pick on the saint name! I went with Cecilia, the saint of Music. A neighbor was my sponsor, I wasn’t really close with her. But I was my younger highschool friend’s sponsor. We’re still friends and I’ll make little jokes about making sure she is on the right spiritual path (She is. I’ve wandered off).

    1. It was my best friend’s mom. But they’d moved before I got confirmed, so I had a stand in. The stand in was a lady who lived in my apartment building in Japan.

      Cecilia is a good pick too.

  3. Hah, fun! I too was born a feminist–from a very young age I questioned everything that women weren’t involved in at high levels (I’m sure my parents loved the endless badgering). And, we had our dog’s name picked out (for years) before we got her! Good thing the name fit the demeanor of our little Frugal Hound (not her actual name, although that would be pretty funny…)

  4. Fun! I like reading obscure bits of information about other bloggers. There are a few TV shoes, HIMYM being one of them, that I get really into and tend to forget the characters aren’t really out there living comical lives. I also have my next pet’s name picked out. It might be a lop or a cat or who honestly knows, but her name will be Lucy.

    1. My former manager had a dog named Lucy. Then she wanted to use the name for a baby too. Bit awkward to think the baby is sort of named for the dog.

  5. We are polar opposites in the sleep department. I need absolute silence so DH and his snoring at times poses a big problem. I like the name Doyle for your future dogs. Reminds me of English lit 🙂

    1. Silence is AWFUL! In general. I can’t stand it. Always have noise on in the background. Yoga classes are really hard for me…

    1. That’s really cool that you know that much about music!

      I’ve been slow to embrace the term feminism because there are some fundamental feminist issues that I’m actually not a feminist about, BUT the idea of equality is incredibly important to me so I’m going to “lean in”to the word.

    1. Haha, well it has to be a specific type of noise. Mostly something I can tune out, like an episode of 30 Rock I’ve watched 20 times. If something on public transit is intriguing I can’t sleep! I also can’t take naps…it’s odd.

    1. I miss seasons 1-7, it started to jump the shark there in the end AND I hated the ending. I don’t think I’ll ever re-watch the last season.

  6. Ha ha! Awesome!!! And thanks for the nomination, but I have already shared my random 7, I just can’t remember when. Not that I wouldn’t do it again, but a lady has to keep some secrets. 🙂 I can’t sleep at night without noise either. I have a sleep app on my phone that makes nature sounds and I can’t sleep without it.

    1. I even scanned to see if you had already. Probably didn’t click far enough back.

      I should probably try to transition over to a sleep app or white noise machine. All those studies say TV is terrible for REM sleep, but I do have it shut off after 1 hour.

  7. Pretty cool thing to do! It’s always nice to get to know the person behind the blog 🙂 Also, my favorite word happens to be Japanese too! I love saying monosashi as if I were an angry old Japanese dude.

  8. Sooo… this is awesome. #1 I’m obsessed with sports movies and most especially Remember the Titans! (So much that I actually used it for a speech project in college and convinced my group to do that warm up routine as we walked in the door.) #2 Doyle and my imaginary two dogs (Boo Boo and Caramel Corn, two frenchies) should have a play date when they become real 😉 #3 Joan of Arc was my patron saint for confirmation as well!

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